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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an evidenced-based medical science concerned with the restoration of normal movement of the body. 

The mechanical functioning of the joints, muscles and surrounding structures as well as neurological control is considered.  If you have been injured or have noticed the gradual onset of pain or an inability to perform normal tasks, our team of Physiotherapists are health care professionals that can assist you. 

The Physiotherapy Profession

Physiotherapists are university educated professionals who are trained and licensed to examine, evaluate, diagnose and treat impairments.

A Physiotherapist is a university graduate from an accredited Physiotherapy program who is qualified to:

- Establish a physical diagnosis and determine a client's movement potential through detailed history and hands-on tests.

- Plan and implement treatment programs, using specialized knowledge and skills in exercise prescription and hands-on techniques.  

- Evaluate results to track patient improvement

- Develop physical-health promotion programs and screening tools

- Provide education and consulting services to the public and other health-care professionals

- Undertake related professional activities such as maintaining detailed records of patient's treatment and progress, research and teaching